AZboxHD firmware 0.9.3180 (for public)


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AZboxHD firmware 0.9.3180 (for public)

cette version est presque comme la 3177 avec qq petit modif

OpenSAT is proud to present

AZBox HD Firmware - rev. 0.9.3180



- CI can not support HD channel

- CI can not send the reply of ENQ

- Subtitles are transparent when menu is set to transparent

- Unicable is not working

- If playing recorded contents on movie player, recorded contents have no sound

- Can not add new SAT/TP on SAT/TP Editor

- Can not play with After recording

- If the channel has the subtitle language, which was selected on setting, subtitle
should be showed, automatically


- DVB-T/C NIT Search

- DTS decoding

- The menu of "Fixe Interlace on/off" on channel manager
For supporting the encoder, which may not respect the spec on this matter.
"When progressive_frame = 1 the picture is progressive, the two fields represent the
exact same time, and you should not see any comb effect when displaying the frame.
Moreover, when progressive_frame = 0, top_field_first is used to indicate which field
has to be displayed first."

- Satellite Nile Sat 101/102/Altantic Bird4 (7.0W) is missing in the satellite list

- Telefonica transponder on Amazonas(61.0W) is missing

- Always start in TV mode

- "Automatic Reboot Option" to Timer menu


- If you choose a movie from hard disk and in the same folder where the movie is stored
there is an .srt or something else the box loads subtile automatically ordered
by .smi/.srt/.txt.

Best Regards,

The OpenSAT/AZBox Team

le lien du site off:
remarque : si vous trouvé l extension du patch *.sit renemé le en bin
et voici un autre lien rapide : ... 9.3180.rar

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Merci medmed :D
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le firmware 0.9.3180 vient d'être retiré de la banque de donnée oficielle ne restent plus que les trois précédents 2171 ,2172 et 2280.
Je me pose toujours la question , pourquoi l'ont ils sorti ?

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il a été effacé du lien d azbox mais il existe toujour
dans le serveur :
VU+ Ultimo,Azbox HD , Dream 800,ITGate 220 , ebox

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