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Cli R8873 => FIRMWARE IPBOX 900

Cli R8873
Based on Abcom 8873

Fixed from Abcom version:
---Fixed skins - default crash deepblue final
---Fixed plugins
---fix libs
---Fixed terminfo definitions for TOP command

Additions from abcom image:
- DGS/Cli web interface in one
- Mgcamd/newcs/ and other cams
- support for incubus/mbox etc on web interface cam control
- Cron Job support Micrond in /usr/local/bin
- inadyn in /usr/local/bin > please see /usr/local/etc/inadyn-config
- some extra plugins

Abcom Changelog:

1. Add Jump forward/backward function on Video player, except MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 files which are not supported yet.
press once FF or REW button, the interval is 10 seconds.
press and hold FF or REW button, the interval will be increased exponentially. it depends on whole file size.
2. Add Scan option on Channel Scan Menu
When there is no channel list, all these options create with the same result.
- Default scan : scan keeping current FAV list, and new channels will be placed at end of the channel list.
- Smart scan : remove current channel list , and scan, and then update FAV list according to the new channel list.
- Reset scan: remove all of the current channels and FAV group, then scan with new channel data.
3. Add USB upgrade menu
- Main Menu -> Advanced Setup -> Software Upgrade -> USB Mode
it is useful for software upgrade with USB morory stick.
4. Fixed EPG contents Display
- inserted new line on the screen for EPG and extended EPG information as well
5. Fixed DVB subtitle - color table
6. Fixed OSD teletext - some old data not updated occassionally
7. Fixed wrong duration with the file after schedule recording with EPG
8. Fixed Local time auto update
- When the last channel time of the Satellite is different from the STB time within 10 minutes,
the STB time is automatically adjusted with the Satellite time during the STB booting.
9. Upgrade setting
10. Updated Web-interface
11. Fixed small bugs
12. Support *.mkv with video player.
- If the file needs higher class CODEC, the file will not be playback with video player .
- In case of too higher bitrate file, it possible to make a problem for playback (especially *.vob and *.mkv.).
13. Fixed crashing problem with higher symbol rate as 30,000(S/R) TP.
14. Fixed some bug for schedule recording.
15. Fixed record subtitle.
16. Added "post-descrambling with CAM" function on system settings menu
: When this option is enabled and the smartcard and the CI CAM is used for another work, it records the program without descrambling,
and then you can descramble the recorded file later.

- The channel in record cannot be watchable.
- The recorded file can not be descrambled before post-descrambling with CAM enabled on the menu.
- even if Post-descrambling with CAM option is diabled, the scrambled program can be recorded, but not descrambled.

The recorded file must be performed ¡°descrambling¡± before the next smartcard update.
If descrambling is not running, it is impossible to do the file descrambling anymore
or able to damage the smartcard since the smartcard has already been updated.

17. Added HUB function for USB host.
18. Fixed record programs with DVB subtitle.
19. Support adjust LipSync using page up/down buttons in Videoplayer
20. Support NFS function for Linux System in Mount manager
- changed NFS config in /etc/exports
ex) /home/user_path/share,no_root_squash,sync)
- Removed the firewall of system
- Removed the firewall of IP table when your system is Fedora
# iptables -F
21. Support displays elapsing time on banner of MP3 player
22. Support Sort function on TMP folder in Recorded files menu
23. Support auto adjustment local time during boot up if the time variation is less than 10 minutes.
24. Updated language table for Slovak, Bulgarian, Polish and Russian
25. Fixed DVB EPG bug for HB13 10891
26. Fixed elapsing time error when schedule recording.
27. Added ITV HD audio or video type options as AC3, H.264, MPEG 2 etc in Advanced Search menu
28. Fixed bugs in scanning and zapping of the channels with diseqc and usals.
29. Added WSS function through SCART
30. RED BUTTON - stretch picture to full screen if 16:9 movie broadcast in 4:3 mode with black in all sides (Without 91HD)
31. YELLOW BUTTON - direct start of fav PiP plugin (Without 91HD)
32. Installed plugins - bitrate, Fav PiP, e-mail, weather, Shoutcast, pong, Sudoku, Tetris, HDD temp.

Tv LG UJ630V 4K ,Tv Led 3D Panasonic TX-48AS640E ,TV 4K-3D Panasonic TX-55CXE720
Vu+Duo 4K SE (PLI 8 )
ET10000(PLI 6)
Vu+Duo(PLI 6)
BISAT G4 - 3 tètes quattro => 19.2°Est ,13°Est + 1 Parabole pointée sur le 28.2°Est